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Friday, January 19, 2007

Teacher Tools & Templates

One of the life-savers for a busy teacher is a collection of templates...
This site offers a huge collection.  Have fun downloading... and don't forget to modify them!

Great Education Resource

I found a great education resource... so much info you can easily drown in!

Where Can I Get Sukatan Pelajaran & Huraian Sukatan Pelajaran?

Every year, people ask me this question.  EVERY YEAR.
I think,"Should I scream?"  No lah. 

You ICT-savvy people, please print out the URL and put it up on school noticeboards. 
And forward the info to all your friends.

Punca Maklumat Untuk Pentadbir, Guru dan Pelajar

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Setting Up A School Website With Sabahnet

The registration process is all online at After you have registered online, please send 

KKIP Communications Sdn Bhd
Tel: (088) 231101, 231102 ext. 188
24-Hour Hotline: (088) 234101, 016-833-1200

a letter from the principal if you are applying for an educational institution (edu) or send us a copy of the IC of the account owner if you are applying for a personal account (net).  Best of all, it's FREE for schools.  Hey maybe it's free for individuals too.  Didn't ask that...