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Monday, November 06, 2006

Iklan Tawaran Biasiswa Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan

If you're interested in continuing your studies (masters and phd) and want someone to pay for it, start preparing before the advert comes out end of this month.  The info can be found at .  Here are some tips for those who are interested, based on my experience in 2005.

1) You will need to make an online registration and submit your application to Tingkat 4, Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sabah.

Online Application
The form is very detailed, so make sure you have your documents (academic and professional) with you at the computer.  You only have three chances to log in, so better make it count.  One of my friends suffered two blackouts while registering.  He didn't know that that counted as three logins.

Mail Application
This must be supported by the Director so please submit as soon as you can.  I strongly suggest that you submit it together with two copies of a letter from your principal so that you can bring one back with a stamp of receipt.

2) You will need to decide on the area of your study before the online registration.  So it's a good idea to start talking to friends.  I suggest that you focus on subject content.  Too many people are doing studies on general topics.
3) If the government is offering us the chance to go overseas, then you will need your IELTS or TOEFL.  So if it's possible, take your test NOW so that you will have your results for the application.
4) Apply to the university of your choice so that you can say 'yes' on the form where they ask you if you have applied.
5) They will ask if you have any writings (preferably academic).  Start digging .. or start writing.  Even a small 2-page action research report on your study of your students' mouse clicks will qualify.  They would prefer to invest their money on someone who has some knowledge of academic research.
6) For the interview, brush up your knowledge on pedagogy, current issues about education and of course stuff like the name of the Director General, your Director of Education, Teacher's Day theme... even things like the recently announced added numbers of super teachers, super principals etc.

If you have any other info, please email me.  Let's share info!