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Monday, June 19, 2006

EDICT Course For Form 5 Teachers

PPK plans to organise the second EDICT course in July 2006.  This is for Form 5 teachers (as well as the Form 4 teachers who did not manage to join the first group).

So I will be sending the teachers based on the original list sent to me by your schools ('guru yang mengajar Ting. 4 dan 5').  If there are any changes, please contact me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tawaran Biasiswa Oleh Kerajaan Brunei Darussalam Peringkat Sarjana

Latest Update : This announcement was removed from the MOE website. However it may be available elsewhere. I am not removing this post as it may be available, albeit not through the Malaysian MOE.

Peluang untuk melanjutkan pelajaran dalam bidang-bidang berikut:

i. Master of Public Policy by coursework
ii. Master of Business Administration by coursework
iii. Master of Environmental Management by coursework
iv. Master of Health Policy and Management by coursework
v. M.A. in Applied Linguistics by coursework and dissertation
vi. M.A. in Economics by coursework
vii. M.Ed. in Educational Management by coursework and dissertation
viii. M.Ed. in Language Education by coursework and dissertation
ix. M.Ed. in Social Sciences Education by coursework and dissertation
x. M.Ed. in Mathematics Education by coursework and dissertation
xi. M.Ed. in Science Education by coursework and dissertation

Kalau peluang ini tidak sesuai untuk anda, ia mungkin sesuai untuk rakan anda! Dapatkan maklumat di laman web Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia