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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Preparation For the 15-day EDICT Course

Please be warned that the EDICT course will be a five-day course in a series of three.  That means a total of 15 days out of school, although not all at the same time.  So plan your classes accordingly and prepare worksheets for your students so that they can continue learning on their own even though you are not there.  I suggest giving them a project.. involving research.  Give a timetable for work to be done.

Google Group : Sabah ICT Teachers

I have started a new group so that we can easily exchange information with each other. Send a message to this group at (scroll below to see the subscription box) and everyone in the group with get the msg. But I seem to overloaded Google's ability to accept email addresses. I added 69 email adds at one time and they started asking me why so many. But when I added only one address, it was accepted straightaway. What is the difference if I were to add 69 email addresses at one time? They have their word verification to make sure I'm not a bot. Aiya.. but I were to get impatient and add the 69 one by one, when Google approves my request, there will be doubles of the 69. Banyak kerja..

Anyway, if some of you change email addresses or are not in this Group, please inform me.

Monday, February 20, 2006

No Need to Send Duplicate Info

At this moment, ICT teachers owe me two forms
a) Borang Maklumat handed out during the October meeting last year (remember the two pages?)
b) - Maklumat bilangan kelas & pelajar
    - Nama guru yang mengajar ICT Tingkatan 4 & 5 (untuk kursus EDICT)

But if you have sent me the first Borang Maklumat, it already contains information about bilangan kelas & pelajar so there is no need to complete the first worksheet in the Excel file.  Just send me the information about the teachers.

Data Champions!

Congratulations to Habsah Hussain from SMK Segama for giving me info about number of classes & students mere hours after I posted my request in my blog.

But the gold medal goes to Sikinor Gunu from SMK Tun Fuad Stephens for being the first to return the form through email! Although Sabah is one of the biggest states in terms of size and number of schools, it doesn't mean that we should be the last to submit data to the MOE.

The MOE is increasingly using the Internet to speed up flow of information and we shouldn't be left behind.  Does anyone know of any service that can alert us via the mobile phone of new emails?  Something that doesn't involve buying 3G phones...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Forms and SMK Bukit Garam files

heck your email, ICT teachers.  I sent you a form to fill up. 

Thanks, Cindy for the info about the SMK Bukit Garam files linking problem.  The problem lies with the size of the files.  They are more than 1 MB and my website (storage) is already maximum.  Hang on while I search for another 'storeroom'.

Kursus EDICT (English Discourse For ICT Teachers)

Pusat Perkembangan Kurikulum is organising the EDICT teachers for ICT Form 4 and 5 teachers.  I need to send the ICT teachers' names to PPK so please complete the form that I am emailing to the teachers and contact me for more info.

IMPORTANT! Information Required!

To all ICT Form 4, and 5 teachers, please email to me the following detailed information; all the classes you have (Form 4 and 5), the number of students for each class, the name of the teachers teaching each form by the 23rd of February 2006.  It is in the forms I handed out during our last meeting but so far, I have only received the forms from SMK Tamparuli, SMK Bandaraya and SMK Pekan Kota Belud.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Makluman Senarai Untuk Temuduga Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan

Sesiapa yang memohon Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan 2006 boleh semak di laman web untuk mengetahui keputusan  permohonan itu.

Research, Anyone?

I am currently attending an educational research seminar at Gaya Teachers' Training College, Kota Kinabalu.  They began the morning with Dr. Mehander Singh showing us what research is about and progressed to 5 presentations of research which had already been conducted.  Then Dr. Shahri from IAB Kuching talked about the research proposal. 

Actually, it would be a very good thing for people in the ICT world to do research because there are many things we still don't know about ICT in schools.  Do a simple study, present it and use it to get your Masters... hmmm, why not?  Boleh buat projek ni..

Friday, February 10, 2006

ICT Form 4 Material Download Links

Okay here goes.. they are all in ZIP files and please scan with your newly updated antivirus programme before you open. You never know...

I organised the materials according to the schools contributing them. Easier for me (and you!) to keep track. Contributors, please contact me if any of your materials are incomplete...

smk bukit garam
smk bongawan
smk st michael
smk sandakan
smk mat salleh
smk tamparuli
smk beluran
smk kuala penyu
smk abdul rahim
sm konven st cecilia
smk tambunan
smk elopura

Some more will be coming up ...

ICT Subject Materials

Please be patient cos I am going to put them online but having problems with my streamyx connection.
I am not going to edit them because if I do that, you won't get them till 2007.  So please understand that the materials are as I received them.  I will put up the link to them once I can manage to upload them without my streamyx giving me problems.

Buku Panduan for Penyelaras Makmal

Ada cadangan untuk memurnikan Buku Panduan for Penyelaras Makmal.  Sebenarnya saya sudah mula mengumpul bahan dengan bantuan guru yang hadir kursus penyelaras makmal sejak tahun 2002 lagi.  Semua bahan dalam bentuk mentah dan digital dalam hard disk.  Jadi memang belum ada lagi buku ini selain dari buku biru yang diedar oleh BTP tahun 2000 dulu. Memandangkan kursus untuk penyelaras makmal tidak akan dianjur tahun ini (budget indak ada bah), satu penyelesaian untuk membantu guru yang baru menjadi penyelaras makmal tanpa sebarang pendedahan taklimat atau kursus adalah buku.

Selain dari itu, penyelesaian lain adalah pemantauan atau lawatan dari pihak kami kepada sekolah-sekolah.  Dalam bulan Januari dan Februari, kami sudah mula menziarahi sekolah KDP (Komputer Dalam Pendidikan) untuk tujuan melihat makmal yang pioneer.  Mereka ni dari zaman 1992 dan 1996.  Ada komen?

Planning for 2006

For your info, SPA will have to cut down on courses this year... even after we have already planned to halve our courses.  Less money to spend because there are two major courses being funded; the BPPT course (Bimbingan Perguruan Profesional dalam Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi) and a new course, Latihan Guru Bestari which has similar content but target is fixed to about 300plus schools listed under Peluasan Bestari 2006.  So ICT teachers, expect only one course this year from me because I am going to take the Kursus Pembinaan Bahan PnP online (kita bina jaring yang lebih rancak bah!) and do the EDICT in one hotel.